"Beauty is everywhere, it's a matter of perspective!"

Jens Gaethje -Outdoor Travel Photography

Jens Gaethje - Self Portrait

I am an Edmonton based, published Photographer, specializing in Fine-Art Nature and Landscape Photography as well as Creative Branding and Environmental Portraiture.
I have always had a passion for arts in all of its forms. Born in Germany, I was creatively expressing my ideas, feelings and inspirations through drawing, painting, music, dance, video and photography from an early age. With a college degree in Creative Arts and two school awards for “best artist”, I started a career in 3D Applications and Graphic Design.  
At the age of 22, my eyes developed successive degeneration in both corneas, which prevented me from pursuing my career in Graphic Design any further. At that point, I shifted my creative focus to inner explorations and self-inquiry, expressing my discoveries in several musical projects, dance and bodywork.
Engaging with the unseen levels of life and human consciousness while dealing with everyday problems as a visually handicapped person brought my creativity to different levels and areas. Over time, I found creative solutions and techniques to help me, and began using digital cameras and computer monitors in a way that would allow me to create Visual Art again to some degree.
I moved to Canada at the age of 34, and some years later found a local specialist who introduced me to newly invented contact lenses that are crafted solely for my specific condition. Using these lenses has restored my eyesight to almost normal, and I have been able to return my creative focus to Visual Arts, and especially, Fine Art Photography.

As an Artist, I see photography as one of many mediums to bring into form what deeply matters to me. Having spent a large portion of my life not being able to see properly, I deeply embrace every visual detail of life.
My motto Beauty is everywhere; it’s a matter of perspective describes both my technical photographic approach, as well as my inner approach to life.
I develop my photos in digital raw format, adjusting colours, tonality and contrast to match my creative vision. Unless for specific projects, my art prints derive from single photographic exposures and do not contain information not present at the time of capture.

“When you’re looking at my photographs, you’re not just seeing the world
through my eyes, you're seeing it through my heart.
Jens Gaethje
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