2020 Print Catalogue

Winter City 1 - Edmonton downtown

Winter Tracks

Frozen Prairies 1

Edmonton Skies Art Photo Print

Edmonton Skies 1

Everness 1

The Dreaming Lake 

Serenity 1

Prairie Grass 1

In late summer, depending on the temperatures, the grass turns from green to yellow. For a short period of time the mix of green, yellow and orange straws is fairly even and the low evening sun brings out an amazing colour contrast.


Rhapsody In Blue 1

Rhapsody in Blue 2

Coyote Sunset

Night watch

Yellowhead Rainbow

Deep Red

Alberta Bliss


Cycle Sunset - Fine Art Photography

Cycle Sunset

Power Sunset

Typical Spring


Hey Bale

Into the Gold


Coming Home

Corona Aurora

​​​​​​​In May 2017 the Aurora was unusually strong and visible, due to specific solar storms and other weather conditions at the time.The photograph ‘Corona Aurora’ was taken from our backyard, in the West End of Edmonton.
The camera was mounted on a tripod pointing straight up into the sky, capturing what is referred to as the Corona (crown) of the Aurora.  

Into the Gold - 24x72 Canvas Giclée

Armoury 1

Armoury 2

Armoury 3

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