Instagram Basics for Business
In this instagram Training you will learn and understand the Basics of the Instagram App, How to setup your account, how to create your content and post to your account. 
We will have a look at how to use Instagram to connect with an audience in your niche and how to promote your business or product with the use of the main Instagram features FEED, STORY, MESSAGING and TV.
* Below you find a detailed summary of content that may be covered in the training. It may not be complete or up to date. This summary pertains to the Instagram Business Training and is intended for informational purposes for participants only! The content of this program and it's summary may be copyrighted. 
Do not copy this summary or parts of it!

    •    What is Instagram?
    •    The Instagram Interface > feed, search, post, activity, grid,
    •    The 4 Instagram quadrants > Grid, Story, DM, IGTV
Setup and Accounts
    •    Setting up your profile - understand your settings
    •    Business vs Private account
    •    Linking Instagram to your Facebook Page and other appss
    •    Using multiple accounts
    •    Basic Instagram Etiquette
    •    Copyright and legal uses of Instagram
What are #Hashtags
    •    How do  #hashtags work ? Using and following hashtags
    •    Instagram Hashtag culture
    •    Where to find the relevant #hashtags for your industry
    •    Different Hashtag approaches
    •    Popular vs Small l #hashtags and how to use them
    •    Spreading #hashtags to a wider audience
    •    !! Banned #hashtags - what they do and how to avoid them!
    •    Creating your own #Hashtag collections and creating shoertcuts
Developing your Instagram Strategy
    •    Defining your audience and target group
    •    Understanding the difference between your Audience and your Clientele
    •    What and When to post - creating relevant content
    •    Different kinds of posts (photo, video, multi image, collage)
    •    How comments work
    •    Sharing, re-posting and featuring Â
    •    Announcements and Promotions
    •    Throwback Thursdays #TBT
Posting on Instagram
    •    Posting from your phone vs posting from a computer
    •    Using filters
    •    Writing your caption
    •    The use of physical and location tags
    •    Using your hashtags in comments
    •    Creating a post draft
    •    Using scheduling Software on your Computer /Phone
Understanding your Instagram Account Analytics
    •    How to read your Instagram statistics
    •    Understanding impressions, viewers, likes and engagement
    •    Finding out about your audience

How to use the Instagram Story Feature
    •    What is the Instagram story
    •    Staying “on top” of your audience
    •    What to share in your story
    •    Adding photos and videos to your story
    •    Live Videos vs Video posts
    •    Filters, camera features
    •    Text, stickers and drawings
    •    The colour picker options
    •    The importance of #hashtags and @location tag stickers
    •    How to use multiple #hashtags and location tags in your story and why
    •    Increasing your brand visibility through stories
    •    Sharing the personal side of your business
    •    Understanding your Story statistics
Instagram Messaging (Instagram Direct)
    •    How it works and when to use it
    •    Disappearing photos and videos
    •    PM and DM
    •    Using multi DM for your brand
    •    Video Chat, group messaging
    •    Banning users from
Engaging with your audience and increasing your brand exposure
    •    Why Instagram works differently than you think
    •    Touchpoints in your customer’s journey
    •    Liking, following and commenting to promote your business
    •    What type of comments to use to increase visibility (helpful, funny, informative)
    •    Why and how to interact with competitors and vendors to increase your audience reach
    •    Engaging with influencers in your industry
    •    Understanding Instagram bots and automations

Instagram Action Plan (individual training)
    •    Tips for creating and keeping a style
    •    Step by step action plan for your postings
    •    Prepare & Schedule postings
    •    Post Draft status
    •    Creating your Instagram ads

Apps and software for Instagram
    •    Follower Apps
    •    Paid feature posts
    •    Reposting Apps
    •    Scheduling Apps
    •    Telegram and Facebook engagement Groups

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