Below you find a list of my current Camera gear that I am using on a regular basis for my Landscape Photography, as well as my Portrait and event Photography assignments.
I am mainly shooting with the Canon EOS R , using an adaptor ring to utilize my Canon EF lenses that I came to love over the years. 
Further down you find a list of items which I am planning to add to my inventory in the next little while ( Camera gear Wishlist 2022).
As a backup camera and for assignments requiring a 2 camera setup, I keep my Canon 6D (my main workhorse before mirrorless) aroun.
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(Updated version)
Camera Gear Wishlist 2022 / 2023
OUTDOOR GEAR for Winter and Night Photography
A clear Must Have for a Landscape Photographer in the Alberta Winter 😃
Stainless Steel Spikes Safe Protect for Hiking Fishing Walking Climbing Mountaineering

We keep this in our car year round ... got us or fellow stranded people boosted several times and also serves as aa phone charge backup in a pinch 😃 Especially in winter I wouldn't want to drive in the countryside without one ...
for camping, patios and garden
I love taking them on a trip with  our van or when tenting, just to add this extra detail to our camp. Simple and beautiful.

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